About Us

True Jamaican Dancehall (TJD) is a boutique booking and touring agency that specialises in hosting and promoting Jamaican Dancehall artists in the realm of dance.
To date TJD has focused on the delivery of an annual summer tour bringing Jamaican dancers to Australia to deliver dance and culture workshops, with an emphasis on showcasing the authentic style of Dancehall. Through TJD Australian dancers and enthusiast have the unique opportunity to learn dancehall style directly from those who created it.

These tours have seen international stars Latonya Style (DanceJA CEO) and Craig Black Eagle (Black Eagle dancers) grace our shores attracting hundreds of participants Australia wide over two consecutively and successful years.

Our aim is to create a sustainable cultural industry for Dancehall within Australia, and abroad through the delivery of world class events, festivals, and tours that promote authentic Jamaican Dancehall from the source, as well as nurture the growth of Australian artists.

We work in partnership with Jamaica’s premiere entertainment agency and dance school DanceJA to select the best of Jamaica’s dance elite, whose repertoire spans all eras of Dancehall dance and culture, and are best placed to represent authentic Dancehall to an Australian audience.

We also work in partnership with the international Dancehall Queen competition in Jamaica (The world’s largest and most recognised Dancehall competition) creating an international pathway for Australian dancers at the highest level.

In 2015 as part of the tour we established two historical Australian dance events. The first being the True Jamaican Dancehall Camp, attracting participants from the USA, Peru, Italy, New Caledonia, Canada, France, Finland and all over Australia that took place in the pristine settings of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The second was the first Official Australian Dancehall Queen and King Competition, judged by our visiting Jamaican dance artists, setting a benchmark at an international level. The winner of the dancehall queen title received a ticket to take part in the International Dancehall Queen competition in Jamaica.

In 2015 TJD ran its first Cultural tour of Jamaica. We took a group of Australian dancers to Jamaica to participate in classes at DanceJa and experience first hand dancehall and Jamaican culture.

In 2016 True Jamaican Dancehall will host the first Australian Dancehall festival to take place from February 12th – 26th,. We will be featuring three visiting Jamaican Dancehall dance pioneers (male and female) and a full itinerary of events including workshops, film screenings and competitions to be held in Victoria and across Australia.