True Jamaican Dancehall (TJD) is a boutique booking and touring agency that specialises in hosting and promoting Jamaican Dancehall artists in the realm of dance. Our aim is to create a sustainable cultural industry for Dancehall within Australia, and abroad through the delivery of world class events, festivals, and tours that promote authentic Jamaican Dancehall from the source, as well as nurture the growth of Australian artists.

What people say abour TJD

  • I loved the cultural talk. That was really great, to learn more about the culture and whats happening behind the dance moves and in the songs.

  • What i gained from this experience is way more than money can buy.

  • I really enjoyed watching Craig do his showcase. I think mainly because in Australia we don't have a lot of guys that dance like that, so for someone like me it was really fresh.

  • I really enjoyed the fact that its not just been about dancehall dancing, but everything with dancehall culture.

  • All the moves have been very different to what I have been taught in a studio, so its not what I was expected. Its been really really interesting and fascinating.

  • The international dance instructors were awesome. I loved Latonyas culture lecture and her stylish moves class.

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